MENDOCINO   Picturesque Coastal

Incredible views
4885 Long Valley Ranch Rd Ukiah, Ca
Mendocino grapes

Designated as a historic landmark, this coastal locale is picturesque. Its stunning landscape is matched by the victorian homes and charming cottages that freckle its shores. Gardens lush with flowers and crashing waves, make Mendocino a treat for the eyes. Award-winning restaurants, in idyllic settings, with local micro-brews, and a more relaxed tasting room environment make Mendocino a treat for the other senses as well. There are so many micro-climates in Mendocino, due to the proximity to the ocean as well as the varied topography, so the area can produce an impressive variety of grapes. The events, celebrating life, love, and wine, are endless in Mendocino County. Kayaking, hiking in towering redwood forests, hot air balloon rides, and unique coastal outings, only scratch the surface of all this area has to offer visitors and residents alike.