Unlocking Real Estate Terminology

There are a few words that one will read in home descriptions over and over again. These terms are not only there to inform buyers as to what the home may include, but also to attract potential buyers by peaking their interest in aspects of a home they may see as their own “must-haves”.

A few of these terms we have decided to highlight are listed below and represent some of the typical verbiage seen in many home descriptions, and also a few terms that may be popping up in listings now that the summer is around the corner.

Upgraded This term tends to tell buyers what features of the home can be expected to go above the builder-grade materials. There is an extra touch on these properties that is not seen in the average home. An example of an “upgrade” can be the type of metal the kitchen appliances are made of, and typically translate to more expensive, so thus a sturdier and more fashionable material and style.

Updated This is a term similar to “upgraded” but speaks more to the age of the feature it is describing. Often times utilitarian rooms and overall decor features are described as “updated”. This means that features of the rooms or decor have been exchanged for newer, better functioning replacements. This can be a desirable term seen in aspects of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, and utilities. This is desirable because updated homes can cost buyers less after they purchase a new property, and individuals can focus on settling in instead of replacing appliances.

Luxury Luxury is a difficult definition to pin down since it means different things to different people. Often times luxury for someone may need upgrading to another, or could even seem over-the-top to another. But when you see this term in home descriptions, it typically means that the feature it is describing has that “something extra”. Pools can become spa-like with additional amenities, new technologies or trends.

Wine Country Living Northern California has innumerable qualities that are desirable for residents seeking a comfortable, fulfilling life. These aspects all culminate to the idea of what “wine country living” truly means. For many, having easy access to the outdoors, with unique amenities outside their home helps create this desired lifestyle. California living is for entertaining, eating and drinking, with friends and family, as guests and residents flow effortlessly from indoor to outdoor spaces, and back again.

Chef’s Kitchen Chef’s kitchens can include many things but typically include updated and upgraded utilities and appliances and are a size that can fit multiple people, comfortably. A gas range, that operates at a level that is higher than the typical home burners, and multiple ovens often help the chef’s kitchen function like a posh restaurant. Multiple sinks, in different locations, can help create prep, cook, and clean-up stations for an efficient kitchen “machine”. Some other extras that can be seen, but not truly necessary, in a chef’s kitchen can include warming drawers, multiple dishwashers, and well-planned drawers for an array of cutlery and appliances.

As this list only scratches the surface of the terms seen in most listing descriptions, we are happy to share more with you in person, just stop by!

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