Pools and your Property - Making your Spa an Asset.

There are buyers who want nothing more than a luxurious spa-like pool on their dream property, and then there are other who see it as something to reduce their opportunities to relax, not enhance them. Whether you see a pool as an asset or another item on your maintenance to do list, there are ways in which you can maximize the opportunities for relaxation in your backyard oasis.

Easy access to outdoor spaces When the egress from home to a patio is easy and appropriately placed, outdoor access will feel like an easy extension of your home. If your pool area is right outside your door, make those doors a functional feature through updates and upgrades. Adding french doors or full-wall sliding glass will help bring the spaces together, making it that much more likely you will utilize, and enjoy your pool area.

14789 Kinley Dr., Healdsburg

14789 Kinley Drive Healdsburg, California

Creating context Including you pool in a larger outdoor living space or courtyard can give the pool context and help utility and flow throughout the whole property. Flooring and accents can connect the pool space to the property by bringing together textures and colors that are seen throughout the home.

Add appropriate landscaping Create an outdoor spa with shade trees and lush foliage to give your pool area the feel of a jungle spring. Strategically placed landscaping can help to create the feel you are going for, without the fuss. Make sure trees are far enough away from the pool that they will not add too much to your maintenance routine. If trees are too far away or lacking, you would lose some shade potential for when you find yourself napping and taking a break from the sun.

10107 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg

10107 Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg

Include alternative recreation Including backyard areas for multiple recreation opportunities, ensures you and your guest stay engaged in the outdoor space, and thus, will continue to look outside for fun and tranquility. There should be opportunities for those to enjoy your pool, without getting wet. Outdoor seating with shade and sun exposure will help ensure that, no matter your ideal spa experience, your pool will deliver. Try including places to sit and eat, places to gather and chat, and places to lounge and unwind.

23210 Walling Road, Healdsburg

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Pools can help create restful, peaceful places on your property, with little to no change in your homes’ overall maintenance, if you set up your space thoughtfully. Through varied opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and an overall flow from indoor to outdoor living space, your home spa can be an asset to your family and to your property as a whole.

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