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336 Piper Street and 353 Arabian Way

Healdsburg really is that Renaissance place that has a little bit of everything for everyone, in a small-town package. There is just enough country to make the town authentic, and enough culture and class to grab and keep your interest. There are even different ways to explore this west coast charmer, whether it be personal ramblings or by joining a well-appointed tour group to show you the high points as well as the hidden gems.

Today, we highlight three locations in Healdsburg that are worth the look-see that just happen to be just minutes from several of our current listings: 336 Piper Street and 353 Arabian Way downtown Healdsburg. Keep a look out for our next installment of our Healdsburg neighborhood hot spots and great locales!

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Healdsburg Plaza

The icon of Healdsburg is its own sight worth visiting. Located directly in the center of town on Matheson Street. In many ways, this is the heart of Healdsburg. This is where many of the town tours begin and end, where festivals are held and other gatherings are located. It is not only where all the best this town has to offer takes off from but it also a great place to enjoy in its own right. The gazebo can be used for a place to just kick-back and enjoy the Sonoma weather and look around at the busy little town we all adore.

Photograph: Williamson Wines

Williamson Wines Tasting Room

Steps from the center of town (town square on Matheson Street) the Williamson Wine Tasting Room. Since the winery has won many awards, the wine speaks for itself, and normal tastings are not reservation only, making it easy to walk off the street and into wine heaven. What really creates the whole experience at this tasting room is all the extras. The tasting room itself also doubles as a wine shop, allowing you to taste, and take home your favorites. Offerings of small bites to eat help to round out the tasting experience, since the winery believes good wine should be enjoyed with food. You can up the ante with a reserved tasting where gourmet vittles pair these excellent libations. A membership will get you wine and an invite to their exclusive events. For more information visit: https://williamsonwines.com/tasting-room

Photograph: Valette Healdsburg

Valette Healdsburg

There is so much warmth in these concrete walls that it exudes luxurious comfort. The open kitchen creates a homelike feel where you can watch the business of creation dance around you and the hanging, curing meats begging to be tasted. The restaurant’s namesake, Chef Valette, uses local meats (which he cures himself) and produce. The recipes have been described and “sophisticated” and “with ethnic touches”. The main goal of the restaurant is to be the showcase for local farmer, vineyards, and craftsmen to share their passions with Healdsburg. For more information visit: http://www.valettehealdsburg.com/

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