Bathe in the Beautiful

The purpose of a bath is to wash away the day and rejuvenate the soul. There are some that take their baths very seriously. For these people, baths are a spiritual process, necessary for rounding out the day. This is the height of relaxation. Baths that overlook your property allow you to focus on you and at the same time, ponder that wide expanse beyond your front door.

Redwood Hills Ranch This home is perfectly positioned on 26± sunny acres. The large windows of this bathroom are made possible by the fact this Redwood Hill Ranch is in one of Sonoma County's most rarified exclusive communities, allowing for total privacy. Sited on an oak-studded ridge top and surrounded by verdant country gardens, this mesmerizing view home is an oasis of privacy in a busy world. When you wash away the day in this modern tub, with old-world fixtures, the calm of your hill top will sweep over you in waves of serenity.

The Villa of Chalk Hill This exquisite villa sits on 8± acres, complete with an oak knoll and open meadows. The exterior custom finishes and slate roof are framed by the coziness of a mature landscape that will charm you. Everything inside the residence is cued to maximize the calm that is pervasive throughout the property. The stunning views are maximized in the great room, spectacular billiard room, master and guest wings, and even the bathrooms are beaming with natural light and views. The exterior custom finishes and slate roof are framed by the coziness of a mature landscape that will charm you. Especially when the property is as private as this one is, why wouldn’t you want to be that outdoor essence in, even when in the grand-feeling master bath?

882 Quietwater Drive The property of this home has large native oaks and gently sloping hills surround the patio and swimming pool with a cascading waterfall. The generous floor plan flows extremely well to enjoy a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. The second floor is exclusively a master bedroom suite of opulent volume creating a unique private getaway. The master getaway includes a covered terrace which has three sets of French doors to be used in all seasons. The ensuite bathroom has three zones: a walk-in closet, bathroom sinks area, and bathtub and shower room, all united by a charming balcony above the front door. The bathtub and shower room is a private place to relax and unwind. You have more privacy with how the windows and shower are oriented when compared to our other properties, but the room is situated high on the property, still providing expansive views of the greater property and all the beautiful trees.

The Hacienda at Chalk Hill Although bathtubs are the focus of this piece, we did not want to leave out those who prefer a shower at the end of a long day. This home is nestled at the base of a world-famous vineyard is an offering like no other. Newly remodeled and artisan crafted, this expansive yet intimate Mission style home blends the best of modern luxury with old-world craftsmanship. Interior and exterior living flow seamlessly with numerous sets of custom folding and sliding doors. The shower room is one place where all of the craftsmanship, upgraded amenities and the luxury of the property come together seamlessly, to give you an ultimate sense of serenity.

Whether you prefer a bath at the end of a long day, to wash away your woes and calm your soul before bed, or if you prefer to wake and greet the day with an energizing dip, tubs with a view of the outdoors can amplify all of the wonderful benefits of a sensational soak!

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