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On the most basic level, contemporary is defined as “belonging to, or occurring in the present.” This concept, when applied to your home, can bring about a calm energy that will infiltrate every facet of life.

In the kitchen, contemporary tends to mean neutral colors, incorporating earth tones and subtle metal accents. These kitchens also key into the need for high functionality. The clean surfaces and high-end appliances not only create clean spaces to work but top of the line options for your culinary creativity to be the centerpiece. The ultra-modern executive chef’s kitchen at 825 Gridley Drive exemplifies the contemporary design profile through top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances (includes a large built-in wine cellar, gas range, dual sinks, and center island) and sleek countertops and cabinets in a warm gray.

In the bedroom, contemporary usually comes into play in the furnishings. Most often, the rooms themselves are free of busy architecture and unnecessary details. The beauty is in the simplicity. Contemporary furnishings lend themselves to those same shapes and tones found in the architecture and design of the whole home, yet with a little more creativity. Natural elements and neutral tones are juxtaposed to pops of color. These colorful accents are often found in the modern art and textiles found within the bedroom. At 825 Gridley Drive a double-sided glass fireplace, and high-quality sliding glass doors that fill an entire wall and open to the backyard bring that contemporary design and the calm of the outdoors, in.

In the living spaces, contemporary design still means those same neutral tones and earth materials are dominant. Yet, here, the art and fixtures have room to shine. The lighting in contemporary homes are pieces of art unto themselves. At 825 Gridley Drive, the living spaces are contemporary and spacious. The exquisitely remodeled home exudes a designer’s flair with clean architectural lines, vaulted ceilings, and state-of-the-art lighting - all quintessential to contemporary design.

Contemporary design brings the elements we love of modern architecture and decor, and adds warm elements borrowed from the natural environment to create a clean and thoughtful space for living your best life!

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