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Spring is finally here, the flowers are blossoming and so are some exciting real estate opportunities. We have many new properties to explore in the sunny days to come. The market is up and things are popping. Since March of last year, active Healdsburg property listings have risen by 11% as well as the number of properties sold have increased by 19%. Healdsburg's real estate market is waking up and we are seeing even more activity in the continued shift into the Spring and Summer.

Our current listings are vivid with color, boldly announcing that this is the time of year when houses are put on the market, and sold just as quickly. Options in this prime real estate season are more varied and numerous than normal. Overall, Spring is an ideal time to both purchase and sell real estate, because the flurry of activity opens doors of houses that might not be available any other time. Owners decide to put their homes on the market this time of year, embracing the season of change and new beginnings.

From our sprawling country Valley View Ranch listing, to a refurbished downtown Victorian with expert landscaping, our properties are incredible finds. Valley View Ranch is a modern home in the style of a farmhouse, on a private 12± acre parcel of land. Meticulous care in its construction is evident throughout the house, which even includes a wine cellar and elegant sunroom.

Our downtown Victorian is a house with style that does not diminish comfort. This home has a large beautiful interior, secluded backyard with a pool and even a wine room. Another offering sparkling this springtime is the Historic Marshall house, which combines contemporary style with old-time elegance. This Italianate mansion has been lovingly restored and now boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen, ground level entertainment area and a wine cellar, just to mention just a few of its many merits. Both the Marshall House, and our refurbished Victorian are conveniently located close to downtown, near many shops and restaurants where you can experience Healdsburg’s active local food culture.

Healdsburg is beginning to shift towards its summer lifestyle. Don’t miss hikes through lush green vineyards that conclude with a wine tasting. Come enjoy delicious restaurants, explore the local Farmers Market and indulge in many outdoor adventures. Someday soon, cook a gourmet meal in the comfort of your new Healdsburg home, and watch the sun slowly set as you share it with family and friends. Discover what it means to be a member of our close-knit Healdsburg community.

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