A Fresh Point of View

The Wild Iris Retreat in the enchanting Anderson Valley

As viewpoints change, so do our experiences. We are innately and intimately attached to our vision. How we see our immediate environment can affect our mood, our well-being, our whole outlook on life. The views we have from our residences can shape the way our life is lived in our own homes. Many houses are designed to specifically take in natural views whenever possible. When you live in such a gorgeous area like ours, with rolling hills, sunshine, vineyards, and picturesque landscapes, having incredible views you desire in every room, is actually attainable.

Mid-Century Modern Meets the Russian River

Gazing out the window has been linked to restoration. Looking out at a greater landscape gives us a feeling of connection. It connects us with the world outside of our walls and allows us to see that we a small part of a greater whole. There have been studies done to observe what a view from any space does for one’s mood and overall satisfaction. Most of the studies have been conducted concerning the workplace, but the results are applicable to our own homes as well. It has been proven that when you can see the scenery of forests and fields, people have a positive correlation, greater job satisfaction, and decrease in overall stress. We can then infer that homes with forest views, or looking out on a vineyard, could aid in these positive feelings. When we have views of nature, our home life is less stressful and our outlook on our lives, as a whole, is enhanced by that view.

Valley View Ranch- Healdsburg

Historic Queen Anne Cottage - Healdsburg

A beautiful view is consistently one of the most sought-after amenities in a property. Currently, we have multiple homes that have captured extraordinary views of the Russian River, vineyards, mountains and valleys. Come and see the benefits of one of these views for yourself.

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