BAY AREA   The Golden Gate City

Touted as one of the world’s greatest cities, San Fransisco and the surrounding Bay Area, is a hot spot for culture, wine and craft brews, food from celebrity chefs, innovation, recreation and so much more. Since all this excitement and life can be found in the 50± square-mile urban core, the surrounding Bay Area holds just as much to love as “The Golden Gate City”. In this amazingly diverse area, there are thousands of acres of wilderness as a retreat from the hustle of the city center, not far from town. The ocean and the dramatic landscapes that hug the metropolis allow for outdoor enthusiasm, exploration, and learning that many other large cities are not fortunate enough to enjoy. Aside from San Fransisco proper, there are many other locations from quaint towns to large cities in the Bay Area. These places are known for a variety of things such as their art scene, wineries, wilderness parks, and others, endless in their possibilities.